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Common problem

  • The concept and application of compressor

    1, the concept of: A standard atmospheric pressure air through the transformation of energy output for the user needed a certain quantity and pressure of air exhaust. Note: 1, a standard atmospheric pressure;2, energy conversion...

  • Compressed air strong advantage

    Air has compressibility, the air compressor mechanical motion to reduce volume, pressure increased after the air called compressed air. Compressed air is an important source of power, the following salient features: no pollution, clear and transparent, transportation convenience, no harmful performance, no fire risk, not afraid of overload.

  • Examination of existing air compressor capacity

    1, test method -- examination of existing air compressor capacity The timing pump gas test is a relatively easy precise examination of existing air compressor capacity or output method, this will help to judge the compressed air...

  • Selection of compressor specifications

    Once you determine the factory gas consumption ( m3/ min ) and pressure ( Mpa ( G ) ) requirements, they can choose to air compressor specifications. In the choice of when you might want to consider the factors include: The ...

  • Compressor maintenance and debugging of knowledge

    One, debugging: (1), check the connection of each component is fastened, the screw is loose, whether there is oil leakage; (2), check control wiring is off line, whether the fastening; (3), whether the device and equipment using ...

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