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Quality excellence, refine on Shanghai prosperity compressor operating philosophy

Release date: 2012-03-27  Hit: 2302

Shanghai prosperity compressor manufacturer specialized in compressor research and production of large enterprises, the national air compressor production base of. Its products in the market has a high reputation, quality inspection by the Chinese Association for the national quality and stability of qualified products. In China the compressor industry, its design and production capacity of first-rate.

Enterprise strong technical force, advanced production and testing equipment complete, companies adhering to the " excellent quality, refine on " management philosophy, and selected international brands of accessories, absorbed first-class European technology, to ensure that each compressor technology, reliability and advanced nature.

Prosperous screw series products include: belt screw, direct connection screw type, diesel and electric mobile screw type, enterprise and as a professional OEM factory, won the industry user's trust and support.

Energy saving, wide variety, leading technology, intelligent operation

Reliable choice

1, energy efficient host

Prosperity compressor host rotor, high compression efficiency, less energy input, output compressed air. Meshing surface of the oil film between the rotor and the Yin and yang can not direct contact between the rotor and the housing, thus the moving parts of the compressor host does not wear out. Both ends of the rotor are respectively composed of radial bearing and thrust bearing support, low speed, long service life.

2, the use of prosperous host can be obtained:

A large air volume, higher reliability, higher efficiency, continuous operation

3, ultra-quiet design

The machine adopts the fully closed mute type design, the inner side of the box body sound-absorbing foam can absorb noise, without the need for special silencer, the silencing effect than similar machine low noise3-5db ( a ).

4, intelligent control, easy to operate

Intelligent control system is prosperous standard configuration, very easy to master and operate, just press the start button or the stop button, can automatically complete the instruction. And can realize remote control and more selective for combined control function.

5, more information, adjustable parameters

Liquid crystal display can display the main compressor operating parameters, and can quickly and conveniently operating parameter adjustment to the best machine state, to meet all the needs of the system.

6, fault diagnosis, maintenance reminder

Intelligent control and monitoring for main operation parameters, system according to the extent of the problem, automatically prompts -- alarm or shutdown, and can timely remind you of unit maintenance, you make unit annual maintenance plan, ensure aircrew safety.

Product advantages

1, electrical control system

The system adopts the prosperous electrical control system adopts France Schneider electric original, with CF and XSA safety requirements, ensure trouble-free system stable operation, safe and reliable.

In 2, a cooling system

Load and low temperature

Prosperous cooling system adhere to the low load

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