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Pressure Boost Compressor

Release date: 2012-03-27  Hit: 2121

Pressure boost compressor is an equipment to boost the output compressed air from a screw air compressor. There are two kinds of Pressure boost compressor .one is the ordinary pressure boost compressor .The other is integrated pressure boost and screw compressor. A normal screw compressor can output 0.8Mpa to 1.3Mpa pressure air. For many industries such as the PET bottle—blowing industry, compressed air from screw air compressor can not satisfy their needs.


In order to meet the needs for these industries, EP developed the new series of Pressure Boost Compressor, which can boost the compressed air from a screw compressor and output 3Mpa to 6Mpa pressure air. It is the most energy saving solution to get high pressure air from a screw air compressor. 

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