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Low Pressure Screw Air Compressor

Release date: 2012-03-27  Hit: 2228

Different industries need different compressed air solutions. A normal screw air compressor can only output 0.7Mpa to 1.3Mpa pressure air. While it can meet most industries’ needs, for some industries, such as chemical, construction, textile, cement, they only need 0.3Mpa to 0.5Mpa compressed air. What people usually do to get low pressure air is using a pressure reducing valve which reduce the output air from 0.7Mpa to 0.5Mpa. This method not only increases the running cost, but also wastes unnecessary energy.


In order to save the running cost and energy, EP has designed the “Low Pressure screw air compressor” for those industries that need low pressure. Low Pressure Screw Compressor can output the exact low pressure air that you need.


There are two series of low pressure screw air compressor----0.3Mpa and 0.5Mpa. By using EP low pressure compressor, you can save more than 30% on your electric bill. 

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