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In 1, according to the compressed air in different ways, can be divided into two categories:

First, the power type: through dry type centrifugal

Second, volume: piston type screw vane etc.

In 2, according to the compressor discharge pressure, displacement, the ultimate power, can be divided into:

Serial type exhaust volume ( m 3) power ( KW )

1large 50~ 100m above 3 300Kw

2and 20~ 50( not including )110~ 260

3small1~ 20( not including )75~ 90

4 miniature below 1( not including )55

In 3, according to the cylinder compression chamber is to oil, can be divided into oil and oil free compressor.

In 4, according to the different cooling ways, can be divided into: water-cooled, air-cooled

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