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The basic structure of screw compressor

Release date: 2012-03-27  Hit: 3744

We usually say refers to the twin screw compressor screw compressor.

In a compressor host in parallel configuration with a pair of corresponding meshed spiral rotor, usually the day outside the circle with convex teeth of the rotor ( from the perspective of the cross-section ), known as the male rotor or the male screw; the circular section has a concave tooth rotor ( from the perspective of the cross-section ), known as the female rotor or the female screw.

General Yang rotor as a main rotor, rotor drives the rotor to rotate by Yang yin. The rotor ball bearing rotor to realize axial positioning, and the axial force in the bearing of compressor. Both ends of the rotor of the taper roller thrust bearing so that the rotor to realize radial positioning, and bear the compressor in the radial and axial forces, in a compressor host respectively arranged at the two ends of a certain shape and size of the orifice, a getter is called inspiratory mouth, another for the exhaust vent for call.

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