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Common problem

Selection of compressor specifications

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Once you determine the factory gas consumption ( m3/ min ) and pressure ( Mpa ( G ) ) requirements, they can choose to air compressor specifications.

In the choice of when you might want to consider the factors include:

The volume is a number?

The expansion of the factory after the gas consumption is a number?

In general, the amount of the annual growth rate of 10%.

Whether to consider the future of special manufacturing process and tools?

The ideal made rotary screw compressor and centrifugal compressor set specifications should be guaranteed in the modulation and control scope of work.

Single acting air cooled reciprocating air compressor by determining the specification for guarantee in the constant speed control system on the basis of30~ 40% of the unloading time.

Water cooled reciprocating air compressor can work continuously, but selected specifications is best considered that there are 20~ 25% buffer or unloading time.

Study of various types of air compressor performance characteristics to estimate the power cost, and thus determine which one is to meet your current and future requirements of plant the best choice.

Factory leakage serious?

Whether to build plan to eventually can reduce the leakage of compressed air system of the load?

You to choose the air compressor operation, maintenance, installation and performance characteristics of satisfaction?

In the selection of air compressor and its additional equipment ( such as dryer and filter ) whether you has been given to the compressed air quality requirements?

Additional equipment on your choice of air compressor having He effect?

Have you considered in case of failure of main air compressor spare capacity?

Each shift is needed with the same volume of compressed air? The selection of air compressor in air is low running circumstance how?

May want to consider using a small air compressor in order to save energy, avoiding the main air compressor circulating and excessive wear.

Does the factory have a need to add one to consider unusual intermittent peak load requirements.

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