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Common problem

Compressor maintenance and debugging of knowledge

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One, debugging:

(1), check the connection of each component is fastened, the screw is loose, whether there is oil leakage;

(2), check control wiring is off line, whether the fastening;

(3), whether the device and equipment using pressure;

(4), then the above power, measurement of three-phase voltage is normal, wire diameter to meet the electricity consumption of the device;

(5), cut off the power supply, the test run direction is correct;

(6), check whether the oil level in the oil and gas in the barrel of apparent oil mirror check 2/ 3;

(7), check the air outlet valve is open, valve must be opened fully, in order to ensure the safe operation of air compressor;

(8), arranged on the belt, check the belt stretch;

(9), check the date of the factory, such as a long time, the oil discharge valve to open, check if it contains water, if water please water discharge;

(10), debugging single fill, so that in the future maintenance and maintenance.

Two, maintenance:

(1), the first operation of equipment maintenance: after 500 hours, to the maintenance, this work is very important, because the equipment is in the running-in period, to remind the user" air filter, oil filter and oil" replacement, and make regular inspection and inspection record.

(2), daily maintenance: this job is mainly by the user self completion, but as our service personnel to give guidance:

A, well before starting inspection and cleaning work, such as : gas drainage and drying equipment manual drainage work;

B, do the daily boot record, pay attention to observing the exhaust temperature and display panel on the Chinese display, such as a fault display air filter, oil filter replacement instructions to do work;

C, commissioned by the maintenance of user requirements: our service personnel regular on-site service, completes the inspection record, timely understanding of the use of users, good air filter and oil filter replacement work, equipment cleaning, each inspection and test machine before the inspection testing, good air filter and cooling system cleaner work.

D, troubleshooting: key reference installation and maintenance manual.

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